Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Etiquette: How to be a Gracious Guest

Numan Dharani

The Importance of Hotel Etiquette

When staying at a hotel, it is essential to practice proper etiquette to ensure a pleasant experience for both you and your fellow guests. Hotel etiquette goes beyond simply adhering to the rules and policies of the establishment; it encompasses a range of behaviors that demonstrate respect, consideration, and an understanding of social norms. Exhibiting good hotel etiquette not only reflects well on you as a guest but also contributes to a more enjoyable and harmonious environment for everyone.

Being a Gracious Guest

Being a gracious guest means treating the hotel, its staff, and other visitors with courtesy and respect. This involves observing a set of do’s and don’ts that guide your behavior during your stay, from check-in to check-out. By adopting the role of a gracious guest, you cultivate a positive atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and appreciation. Not only does this make your stay more enjoyable, but it also leaves a lasting impression on the hotel staff and fellow guests, positioning you as a valued and welcome visitor for future stays.

Do’s of Hotel Etiquette

Be respectful to hotel staff

  1. Use polite language: Address hotel staff with courtesy and kindness, using “please” and “thank you” when making requests or asking for assistance.
  2. Express gratitude for their services: A simple word of appreciation can go a long way in showing respect and acknowledgment for the hard work and effort put forth by the hotel staff to ensure your stay is enjoyable.

Keep noise levels down

  1. Be mindful of other guests: Remember that you are sharing the space with other visitors who may be resting, working, or seeking a peaceful environment.
  2. Avoid loud conversations or music in hallways or rooms: Keep the volume of your voice and electronic devices low, especially during late-night or early-morning hours, to minimize disturbances to other guests.

Tip appropriately

  1. Research standard tipping rates for various services: Familiarize yourself with the local customs and average tipping amounts for services such as housekeeping, room service, and bellhops.
  2. Ensure you have cash on hand for tipping: Many hotel staff members rely on tips as part of their income, so make sure you have an adequate amount of cash available to express your gratitude for their services.

Observe safety measures

  1. Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and procedures: Take a moment to locate the nearest emergency exit and review any safety guidelines provided by the hotel.
  2. Report any safety concerns to hotel staff: If you notice any potential hazards or have concerns about your room’s safety features, notify the hotel staff immediately to ensure a secure environment for all guests.

Respect hotel property

  1. Avoid causing any damage to the room or amenities: Treat the room and its furnishings with care, refraining from actions that may result in damage, such as moving furniture or staining linens.
  2. Report any issues or accidents to hotel staff: In case of accidental damage or malfunctioning amenities, promptly inform the hotel staff so they can address the issue and maintain a high standard of quality for all guests.

Don’ts of Hotel Etiquette

Don’t steal from the hotel

  1. Understand what items are complimentary and what are not: Familiarize yourself with the items provided by the hotel that are free to use or take, such as toiletries, and differentiate them from items that are considered hotel property.
  2. Refrain from taking towels, bathrobes, or other hotel property: Though it may be tempting to snag a soft towel or cozy bathrobe, remember that these items belong to the hotel and should not be removed from the premises.

Don’t be a messy guest

  1. Keep your room reasonably tidy: While housekeeping is there to maintain cleanliness, it’s essential to show respect for their efforts by keeping your room in a reasonably organized state.
  2. Dispose of trash properly: Use the provided trash bins for waste and avoid leaving litter scattered throughout your room or in public areas of the hotel.

Don’t smoke in non-smoking areas

  1. Respect hotel’s smoking policies: Adhere to the hotel’s designated smoking policies to ensure the comfort and health of all guests.
  2. Smoke only in designated areas: If you need to smoke, do so only in the areas specifically allocated for this purpose, such as outdoor smoking zones.

Don’t monopolize shared facilities

  1. Be considerate of other guests using pools, gyms, or lounges: Remember that hotel facilities are for everyone’s enjoyment, so be mindful of the time you spend occupying these spaces.
  2. Follow posted guidelines and time limits: Abide by any rules or time restrictions posted in shared facilities to ensure all guests have an opportunity to use and enjoy these amenities.

Don’t ignore the check-out time

  1. Plan your departure accordingly: Be aware of the hotel’s check-out time and prepare to vacate your room by that designated hour.
  2. Request late check-out if needed, but be prepared for potential fees: If you require extra time in your room, contact the hotel in advance to request a late check-out, but keep in mind that additional charges may apply. By respecting the check-out time, you help ensure that the room is available for the next guest and that housekeeping can efficiently perform their duties.


Recap the importance of being a gracious hotel guest

Being a gracious hotel guest not only ensures a pleasant and comfortable stay for you, but also contributes to a positive experience for fellow guests and hotel staff. Practicing proper hotel etiquette demonstrates respect, courtesy, and an understanding of social norms, all of which reflect well on you as a visitor and create a harmonious environment for everyone.

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