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Hifive provides businesses with a digital tipping system that enables direct payouts for employees and real-time guest insights, helping you appreciate and retain talented staff while improving guest satisfaction.

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Our platform provides value to businesses, employees, and customers


What We Offer

We make it absurdly simple for you to get started with us!

App-free Experience

Accept tips and payments without forcing your customers to install an app onto their device. We run completely on the web browser!

Contactless Tipping

Leverage the power of QR code technology to remain touch-free, as well as receive tips even when your employees aren't in the room.

Secure Payment Options

We support multiple payment providers and platforms so your customers can tip with whatever they are most comfortable with.

Automated Tip Distribution

Our platform is fully automated, from receiving tips to distributing the tips accordingly across the staff working their shift.

Employee Performance Insights

Gain real-time insights into how employees are performing through customer ratings and reviews.

Integrations Into Your System*

We work with you to integrate our platform into your existing workflow, making the complexity of using us simple.

* Features under development

Our solutions don't just stop at tipping, we have a heavy focus on employee recognition

Our platform enables employees the ability to receive and view their ratings and reviews, giving them a record of their performance and tip history they can use even if they move jobs!


Pricing & Plans

We offer custom pricing to all of our customers. Contact us to set up a pricing plan that works best for you and your business!

What's Included

  • Performance Insights
  • Corporate Dashboard
  • Payment Integrations*
  • Material Shipment (Custom QR codes, cards, posters, etc)
  • Hifive Support


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